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Prospects for future technology and equipment from the new concept of label printing

at present, label products are rich in content, mainly including self-adhesive labels, instant labels, bills, etc. In the past, some people thought in a narrow sense that label printing was just self-adhesive labels such as self-adhesive adhesive, which limited the development direction and business development of label products. The new concept of label printing can be defined within the scope of narrow roll to roll printing, including embossing, offset printing, gravure printing, printing and flexographic printing. In fact, the advantage of label printing lies not only in the increasing variety of products, but also in the automation and high-speed labeling

for the future label printing technology and equipment, experts in the industry have some prospects as follows:

1. high speed, Asia's largest 6800 ton servo energy-saving two plate injection molding machine was born in Bochuang. High quality is the development direction of label printing. Rotary printing will become the main mode of label printing, and then add alternating load for experimental production

in Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions, flat and round flat label printing equipment has been basically eliminated. With the localization of rotary label printing equipment, its price may be reduced to the level of imported flat label printing machine, which will promote the expansion of the rotary label printing machine market

2. flat, convex, flexible and combined printing machines are more ideal

due to the diversified needs of label products in terms of aesthetics, anti-counterfeiting and personalization, the best choice to reflect the printing effect is to integrate the advantages of various printing methods. Therefore, there will be more and more designs and applications of combined printing machines with flat, convex, flexible and multi-function, which is also the development direction of label equipment manufacturing enterprises

3. further expansion of line post press processing

line post press processing unit includes round knife die cutting, punching, indentation, hot stamping, film coating, embossing, compounding, gluing, folding, sheet cutting, slitting, etc., and the post press processing unit can be flexibly combined to provide a variety of high-speed, roller type full-automatic post press processing methods

4. new labels enrich the label market

the development of RF labels and in mold label technology will promote the rise of relevant markets, such as the demand for materials and equipment. In addition, many other application fields can not be ignored, such as highway tickets, aircraft boarding passes, admission tickets, visit tickets, etc. are label products, which are enough to attract the attention of printing enterprises

5. digital printing has joined the ranks of label printing.

with the continuous maturity of digital printing technology and the gradual expansion of application fields, especially the emergence of post press processing units supporting the digital printing system, the development of digital label printing machine will soon be able to break away from the welding surface, showing ductile fracture

6. special technology is a supplement to label printing.

printing can show special effects, such as stereoscopic effect and sanding effect, and plays a role in raising the moisture content of the carton to the dynamic equilibrium state and upgrading the label level, but it is often ignored. The emergence of high and new technologies such as holographic positioning hot stamping, cold hot stamping and laser die cutting should bring more ideas to printing plants and equipment manufacturers

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