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According to the data of the US Department of Commerce, the value of the garbage and waste exported by the United States to China last year was estimated to be $1.2 billion, up from $194million five years ago. In this way, garbage has become the third largest export of the United States to China, only after aircraft and semiconductors, surpassing soybeans and computers

people will resist the mention of "foreign garbage", especially some foreign garbage cause serious environmental pollution. This is only one aspect of the problem. It should not be ignored that the proportion of garbage trade in Sino US trade is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. Waste paper import is only a microcosm of the market

recently, we learned from several domestic paper mills that the price of imported waste paper has soared to the highest level in recent years due to the impact of the Iraq war. For example, the price of old newspapers imported from the United States is close to $160 per ton, while under normal circumstances, it is only more than $100. As the war came to an end, the price of waste paper also fell

it is understood that waste paper has become the main raw material for domestic paper mills, and most of it is imported from the United States. According to the annual report on China's paper industry issued by the China Paper Association, in 2002, China imported a total of 18.7458 million tons of pulp and paper products, with an import value of 7.034 billion US dollars, including 6.8726 million tons of waste paper, with an import value of 732million US dollars. If converted into waste paper consumption, we hope to expand the growth in this important region in China. More than half of the raw materials of the paper industry are waste paper, especially in coastal areas, such as Zhejiang, whose waste paper accounts for more than 76% of the raw materials of papermaking fibers in the province

it has fully reached the national 65% energy-saving utilization standard. "Do not underestimate foreign garbage. It has a certain role in promoting the domestic economy." A professor who has been engaged in international trade research for many years that plastics can be molded into more complex shapes than steel assemblies believes that the huge garbage trade between China and the United States is coming to the table step by step, which can be seen as an example of the efficient operation of the global economy

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