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Sister Lotus enjoys happiness every day. She is a young person who knows filial piety and gratitude. She not only wants to support her parents and take good care of her brothers and sisters, but also pays attention to the quality of life and creates her own small family environment. She also has her own unique life goals. She hopes to become a columnist, a dance bodybuilding coach and a great career, Hope is vigorous, and hope to set a goal and benchmark for the success of all ordinary and ordinary people

therefore, she adopted an unusual method to gain her due reputation and blazed her own unique path. Sister Lotus said that she "needs to travel while young", and Sister Lotus "likes the way of high risk and high return"

at present, Sister Lotus is rapidly becoming popular with the method of low cost and high return, and her accumulated reputation is growing day by day. There is no doubt about her high popularity. According to the current data, Sister Lotus has successfully started the transformation and exchange between fame and wealth (the shooting of short films is a typical example) [financial experts' suggestions] through analysis, it is not difficult to find that the cash reserve of Sister Lotus under the famous name is only a few months' living expenses, which can not operate the reputation publicity activities, and it is difficult to cope with any expenditure beyond the budget. Therefore, the financial advisers put forward four suggestions to Sister Lotus

first suggestion: quickly realize the transformation from fame to wealth

having sufficient cash flow is the key to Sister Lotus' current financial management. At present, among the assets owned by Sister Lotus, cash is the weakest, and the normal operation of cash flow is the basis of all activities and the necessary means to successfully achieve all goals. It should be put in the overriding first place as the biggest task. The specific methods are as follows: 1) broaden revenue channels: use high popularity to get financial support from every follower, and engage in spokesmen and advertising images of various products and services, such as columnists, cosmetics, marketing, online games, and SMS interactive services

2) increase the diversity of income channels: in addition to advertising, it can also increase income channels, such as invited speeches, nationwide fan meetings, royalties for publishing books, etc. 3) extend the duration of high income: after high popularity, gradually increase their own reputation. For example, when participating in public welfare samples, they often make donations on both sides, donate blood for free, and provide help to poor college students, so as to eliminate excessive flashiness, Let the necessary essence precipitate and gradually obtain rewards. People are expensive because of awards, so we must achieve this goal of building energy conservation. It is well affected by reputation, so that high income can achieve sustainable and sustainable development. 4) extend the scope of enriching assets: assets have many manifestations and forms of existence, and cash is only one of them. We suggest that Sister Lotus can increase the proportion of intangible assets while obtaining cash wealth, and timely establish intangible assets such as trademarks, websites and derivative product brands

second suggestion: solidify assets in a timely manner

to ensure the proper living standard of the family and the family. For Sister Lotus, the key to quickly obtain huge wealth is whether to retain the corresponding wealth and increase its value on the basis of maintaining its value; First of all, we must consider the minimum living standards of ourselves and our family, especially the old-age pension of our parents. The researchers after the accident say that the rehabilitation fees, living expenses, and the future adequate living expenses of our small family. Commercial insurance is the best way and means to solve all these problems, which can be successfully planned and completed through professional insurance agents, To prevent, pay attention to maintenance and protect the life after the sudden suspension of earning power

of course, Sister Lotus can continue to develop her own interests and hobbies to buy lottery tickets. On the one hand, she can win high-risk and high return income, and on the other hand, she can contribute to the welfare cause. Because the probability of winning the lottery is as low as the probability of insurance accident

after establishing the support of the basic life of the family, Sister Lotus needs to purchase real estate in time to solidify the assets, which can be in the form of houses, cars and collections, or even in the form of gold, because gold in troubled times is collected in prosperous times. At the same time, don't have too much debt, especially unnecessary insurance

the third suggestion: block every economic and legal loophole

avoid unnecessary losses on assets. Westerners tell us that "there are two inevitable things in life, one is death, the other is taxation"

as a financial adviser, I need to remind everyone through Sister Lotus that "health and old-age life are the most easily ignored by everyone (especially celebrities)" because everyone feels that they are very far away from themselves

therefore, in terms of Taxation: for each sum of money converted from reputation, the financial advisor suggested that Sister Lotus must hand it over to the tax advisor to take care of the tax, and try not to leave any legal loopholes, following the example of those famous actors

in terms of physical health, proper pressure is necessary, especially for celebrities, but you can't overdraw your health, body and time. As Sister Lotus, who needs to bear more problems and pressures, she must, like other celebrities, regularly strengthen physical health maintenance and provide necessary guidance from psychologists to reduce psychological and physiological pressure

the fourth suggestion: let the economic wealth and reputation rise to a higher level

in the corresponding stable period (and the peak period), fame and wealth have become a positive fact, economic income needs the cooperation of a strong reputation and position

at this time, the key is to obtain the corresponding title matching the current reputation: just like her dream of "host of the program", "aerobics coach", "consultant", etc. of course, the best and necessary process is to cultivate a good husband, be a good full-time job, and be happy for the whole family once and for all

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