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Looking at the development opportunities of landscape lighting in Western China from Chengdu

living in Chengju in one year, Chengyi in two years and Chengdu in three years. Chengdu, a city with a long history, is the central city in Southwest China and has created a splendid "Shu culture"

in 2016, a song "Chengdu" made this city popular all over the country, and tourists also came in droves. Now, Chengdu has attracted people's attention with another style, that is, the night view of the city

here, there is the beauty of sunset melting gold and evening clouds, the beauty of sunset twilight and interwoven light and shadow, and the brilliance of thousands of lights and streamers

in recent years, Chengdu has made frequent efforts in night scene lighting. As you can see from the bidding information recently released by zhongzhao, the latest landscape lighting improvement project in Chengdu has thrown out a large order of up to 650million yuan, which has attracted the attention of the industry and attracted more people to set foot on this fertile land in the West

urban night scenery shows the elegance of Sichuan style

in order to improve the management level of urban landscape lighting in Chengdu and build a high-standard urban landscape lighting system, the general office of Chengdu municipal government recently issued the opinions on improving urban landscape lighting (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). The cost of new material vehicles is several times that of existing vehicles)

with the theme of "glorifying Tianfu and embroidering Chengdu", the opinions determined the key improvement projects of Chengdu landscape lighting and the landscape lighting planning framework of "one center, three axes, four rings and multiple points", accelerated the urban landscape lighting legislation, scientifically prepared the landscape lighting planning, implemented the landscape lighting improvement project by stages, levels and zones, and created a stable atmosphere, clear hierarchy, harmonious beauty, dynamic and static coordination The vibrant urban night scene effect shows the urban night scene image of "elegant Sichuan style, beautiful atmosphere and international fashion", and boosts the urban night economic development

it is also proposed that Chengdu will focus on the implementation of four landscape lighting improvement projects

1. Improve the landscape lighting along the central axis

Chengdu will prepare a plan for improving the landscape lighting along the central axis of Tianfu Square Renmin South Road Tianfu Avenue, transforming and improving the public squares, landmark buildings, overpass nodes, urban underpass tunnels and waterfront landscape lighting along the line

2. Create landscape lighting for urban water system corridors

Chengdu will comprehensively improve the lighting facilities on both sides of Jinjiang River and Shahe River, and upgrade the landmark landscape lighting along the line, such as Hejiang Pavilion, nine eye bridge, 339 TV Tower, etc

3. Improve and create cultural tourism landscape lighting

in combination with the current situation of cultural tourism attractions in Chengdu, Chengdu will implement the transformation and improvement of cultural tourism landscape lighting with Chengdu characteristics for Qintai Road, Wuhou Temple and other scenic spots

4. Comprehensively improve the landscape lighting level of the buildings in the business district

for the important commercial areas such as Chunxi Road and taiguli within the scope of the special landscape lighting planning, the district governments, in accordance with the special landscape lighting planning and the technical guidelines for landscape lighting design, encourage the business owners to actively participate in the construction of landscape lighting to create a fashionable and prosperous urban night scene

nowadays, urban landscape lighting has become an important business card of the city. The construction of urban landscape lighting can not only enhance the image of the city, but also attract tourists and promote the development of tourism economy. In recent years, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao and other cities have successively carried out large-scale urban lighting planning and upgrading, showing people a new look of spirit

the promotion of urban landscape lighting in Chengdu this time is not only conducive to improving the city image and displaying the city culture and temperament, but also a large-scale and large-scale promotion project, which is an opportunity for lighting designers, lighting engineering companies and manufacturers to seek cooperation and participate in the construction

the high tech Zone shows the most dazzling night view of the skyline

the lighting brings out the soul of the building with light and shadow and endows the city with new vitality. At present, the light show has become a new business card to show the image of the city. The light festivals in Lyon, France, Sydney, Australia and Guangzhou, China have attracted tens of thousands of tourists and become the concentrated embodiment of the city's humanistic spirit. In Chengdu, the highly creative and beautiful lighting show is interpreting the cultural heritage of Chengdu with light and shadow, highlighting the development vitality of this new first tier city in China

since last year, the South Zone of Chengdu high tech Zone has improved its night scene lighting. With the theme of "high tech light, beautiful Chengdu", the night scene lighting improvement project of Chengdu high tech South Zone will create the most dazzling night scene along the line after the temperature of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu high tech Zone, etc. rises. The completed night scene lighting of Jingrong start up hub and China Europe Center will be lit during the Spring Festival. At that time, the three theme light shows of "light of high tech", "light of Chengdu" and "light of 2018 New Year" will light up the southern skyline of Chengdu

it is understood that Chengdu can be divided into three types: manual, full-automatic and microcomputer controlled. The night scene lighting project in the South Zone of high tech Zone is jointly built by the team of Roger narboni, a famous French night scene planner, Jean Michel, a famous French art lighting show designer, and a domestic professional lighting team, and is specifically implemented by Chengdu hi tech investment group

it is reported that rogernarboni is an internationally renowned master of night scene planning. So far, he has designed night scene planning schemes for more than 100 cities around the world, including Paris, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Jerusalem, Israel. Jean Michel started the precedent of visual tracking and image matching of buildings, which became the starting point of architectural projection

in addition, in July this year, Chengdu global center has conducted lamp test. With the scale of the East facade of the global center and the flashing effect of LED lights, it is believed that the intersection of Tianfu Avenue and the ring expressway will add a unique and artistic night scenery

the light show shows the vitality of the millennium old city

on the light show, the Tianfu panda tower is also "not willing to be outdone". On February 9 this year, the Tianfu panda tower held a lighting ceremony. The colorful sun god birds, colorful hibiscus flowers, lovely giant pandas... Groups of bright colored lights added a festive celebration to Chengdu. On March 2, another electronic fireworks show was held in Tianfu panda tower. Layer upon layer of fireworks lit up the night sky in Chengdu

it is understood that the Opinions also identified Tianfu Square, the "Urban Balcony" area of Hejiang Pavilion, Guixi Park, Chengdu east railway station and Xinlong lake of Science City as the future large-scale places for using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) lighting shows. It is believed that these bright light shows will make Chengdu more vibrant in the future

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