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UPS (United Parcel Service) is the world's largest express delivery agency, the world's largest parcel delivery company, and the world's major professional transportation and logistics service provider

the company has established a large-scale and highly reliable global transportation infrastructure, developed a comprehensive, competitive and guaranteed service portfolio, and continuously used advanced technology to support these services. After the torque is cleared, the company provides logistics services, including integrated supply chain management

fedex is a global transportation, logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management supplier. The company provides customers with integrated business solutions through the independent networks of its subsidiaries

American business accounts for 76% of FedEx's total revenue, and international business accounts for 24%. In terms of transportation mode, air transportation accounts for 83% of the total revenue, highway accounts for 11% and others account for 6%

Deutsche Post World, referred to as DPWN for short, is the National Post Office of Germany and a leading logistics company in Europe. It is divided into four independent operating departments: postal service, logistics, express delivery and financial services

the postal department is composed of postal service, direct marketing and publication distribution business. It has built a high-level operation network and consists of 83 standardized sorting centers all over Germany. It is paying more and more attention to the high growth direct marketing business. The Express Department provides express service covering Europe. The service content includes global aviation, sea transportation, European land transportation services and logistics solutions formulated by customers. From the perspective of net income, the four major businesses of DPWN, namely postal service, express delivery, logistics and finance, account for 49%, 21%, 18% and 12% of the total business volume respectively

Aersk/eller is the largest shipping company in the world, with 250 ships, including container ships, bulk cargo ships, supply and special purpose ships, oil tankers, etc. The group also has a large number of loading and unloading terminals and provides logistics services. Its subsidiaries also conduct oil and gas drilling in Norway, Venezuela and other countries

nitong's business is mainly divided into automobile transportation, air transportation, warehouse and others, accounting for 44%, 16%, 15% and 25% respectively. Customers are mainly distributed in electronic, chemical, automotive, retail and technology industries. Geographically, 93% of its operating income comes from Japan

ryder (Ryder systems) provides a series of technologically leading logistics, supply chain and transportation management services worldwide

the product range provided by the company includes comprehensive service leasing, commercial leasing, vehicle maintenance and integrated services. In addition, it also provides comprehensive supply chain solutions, cutting-edge logistics management services and e-commerce solutions, from the supply of input raw materials to the distribution of products, and is committed to supporting the whole supply chain of customers

tpg (Netherlands post group) provides postal, express and logistics services to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and owns 50% of the equity of postkantoren (an organization that operates post offices in the Netherlands)

tpg uses TNT brand to provide express delivery and logistics services (NT's logistics business with short T processing cycle is mainly concentrated in automotive, high-tech and Pan European fields). Its logistics field now has 137 warehouses, covering a total area of 1.55 million square meters. In terms of business types, the three major businesses of TPG, namely postal service, express delivery and logistics (net income), account for 42%, 41% and 17% respectively. In terms of regional performance, Europe accounts for 85%, Australia, North America, Asia and other regions account for 6%, 4%, 2% and 3% respectively. In terms of operating profit, postal service, express delivery and logistics account for 76%, 15% and 9% respectively

in October 2000, TPG and Shanghai Automotive Industry jointly established a third-party logistics cooperation company. This US $30million cooperative enterprise has opened the door to China's automobile logistics market for TPG

expeditors (Baoming enterprise) is a company providing global logistics services, providing customers with a seamless international network to support the transportation of goods and policy placement. The company's services include air transportation, sea transportation (Consolidation Service) and freight forwarding business. Each office in the United States and many overseas offices provide customs declaration services. In addition, it also provides logistics information services including distribution, consolidation, cargo insurance, order management and customer-centric logistics information services

in terms of business types, it is mainly concentrated in air transportation, sea transportation and freight forwarding, accounting for 53%, 25% and 12% respectively according to revenue. In terms of regional distribution, the business is mainly concentrated in the Far East, accounting for 56%, and the revenue in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, South America and Australia accounts for 25%, 15%, 3% and 1% respectively

panalpian is one of the largest freight and logistics groups in the world, with 312 branches in 65 countries and regions. Its core business can become as soft as rubber 1. Its core business is a comprehensive transportation business. The services it provides are integrated and customer-friendly solutions, positioning itself between standardized transportation solutions and traditional shipping companies

in addition to handling traditional freight, the group also specializes in providing logistics services to multinational companies, especially companies in the fields of automobile, electronics, telecommunications, oil and energy, chemicals, etc

from the perspective of total profit, panalpian's four major businesses, namely air transportation, sea transportation, logistics and others, account for 44.9%, 31.3%, 20.3% and 3.5% respectively. Geographically, Europe and Africa account for 52.7%%, the Americas for 33.9% and the Asia Pacific region for 13.4%

Founded on July 26th, 2000, Exel group mainly operates the following three subsidiaries: MSAs global logistics company is one of the largest freight forwarders in the world, providing services such as multimodal transport, regional distribution, inventory control, value-added logistics, information technology and supply chain solutions worldwide

coryenvironmental is one of the largest waste disposal companies in the UK

exel has a strong market position in ground transportation supply chain services. The services it provides include warehousing and distribution, transportation management services, customer-centric services and global after-sales market logistics services

focus 2 how to operate

at present, most of the world's large logistics companies adopt the head office and branch company system, adopt the headquarters centralized logistics operation, and implement vertical business management, which is actually an integrated operation and management model

in practice, modern logistics needs a unified command center and multiple operation centers. The real modern logistics must be a command center and a profit center. The organization, framework, system and other forms of the enterprise must be consistent with the center

on the one hand, the division is required to resolutely obey the headquarters. The headquarters has a high degree of control over the division, and the division should be professional in operation and standardized in process

on the other hand, the headquarters must have strong command, design and rapid response to the market, which must be guaranteed by the realization of informatization and networking. In the management and operation of modern logistics, information technology and information network play a very important role, even the symbol of corporate image and core competitiveness. Therefore, large professional logistics enterprises usually have operation management system, quality assurance system, information management system and customer management system

focus 3 how to make profits

by analyzing the top 10 logistics companies in the world, it is not difficult to find that the profitability of non asset logistics companies is obviously stronger than that of asset logistics companies, and the core of competitive business is logistics management, also known as supply chain management. Among them, the ability of logistics design, control, organization and coordination is the basis of competition

first of all, representative competitive means include: attaching great importance to logistics solutions, strictly implementing unified service standards in service operations, adhering to strict quality management system, and using information technology and information network throughout the whole service process

secondly, among the top ten successful logistics enterprises, most of them are companies with air transportation, express delivery, land transportation and other businesses as their main backgrounds, and they are large-scale and have strong profitability, indicating that transportation services with strong time sensitivity have large growth space and promising prospects in the logistics industry

thirdly, although the non asset logistics enterprises make quick profits, most of the top ten logistics enterprises in the world are asset logistics enterprises, especially the hybrid companies with a large number of logistics facilities and networks and strong whole process logistics design ability have the largest development space

in recent years, in order to expand business and increase profits, large logistics companies have taken the following measures:

through integration or M & A, they have entered a variety of transportation businesses to improve profits. Taking a comprehensive view of the world's top 10 logistics enterprises, they are all able to provide a number of transportation services and combine or merge in some logistics related industries and new fields, so as to consolidate or occupy new markets, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing profits and winning customers

for example, on the basis of maintaining existing important customers, UPS continues to expand its business scope through cooperation with customers, while focusing on developing markets with great potential. For example, expanding the field of spare parts logistics involves almost all industries in the global economy, from computer assembly to automobile manufacturing. FedEx has explored the Chinese market. At present, it serves 190 cities in China. There are flights serving Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen airports. It will build China's largest express processing center in Shanghai

re integrate business processes to achieve optimal allocation of resources. Modern logistics is a broader concept, which includes e-commerce and a series of related service items, the establishment of service centers, stations and transaction systems, as well as raw material procurement, order fulfillment, transportation management and other operations

at present, the top ten companies have "top three", that is, can the order information flow, global supply chain resource network, global user resource network and computer information industry usher in a new round of rapid development? Network, so that the storage utilization rate is more than twice

provide high-quality and personalized services. The biggest advantage of TNT's agreement with smartparcel lies in customization. The customer can use the computer or the with WAP function to determine when the package will be delivered to the destination. After the package is delivered, the information will be automatically fed back to the computer or designated by the customer

the top ten logistics companies in the world have many advantages in business structure, operation mode and profit-making mode, which are worth learning from Chinese logistics enterprises or enterprises that are transforming and upgrading to logistics. In particular, the success of these famous logistics enterprises, such as having a large operation scale, having a management level with strong command and control ability, is especially worth learning from China's large logistics enterprises or enterprises marching towards large logistics enterprises. (end)

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