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From Xi'an packaging carton's habitual use of color to see how to use packaging color

[China Packaging News] the existing carton can meet the needs of packaging. Experiments show that it is necessary, but there are also many areas that need to be improved. At present, the packaging cartons used in the market are generally rough in workmanship (except for some food packaging industries), rigid in shape and single in color. In general, the modeling and color application of packaging cartons used in the market are extremely lacking, so such packaging is difficult to bring spiritual enjoyment to consumers. So, how to judge the color

color will have a strong psychological reaction to consumers, making them have corresponding associations. This should be fully taken into account in the use of color. The following is an explanation of Xi'an packaging carton's habitual use of color

① non staple food cartons: bright and light colors are often used. For example, blue and white indicate cleanliness, hygiene, coolness, etc; Red, orange and yellow are sweet, fragrant and fresh; The ancient instruments and meters industry has few technical talents, and the solemn multicolor shows the mellowness and long history of the wine. They are of great benefit in promoting appetite

② cosmetic cartons: soft intermediate colors are often used. For example, peach, pink and light rose are used to express fragrance, softness and nobility; For some men's cosmetics, black is sometimes used to show their solemnity

③ cartons for children's articles: vivid and lively are often expressed in bright pure colors or strongly contrasting colors

④ pharmaceutical cartons: simple warm and cold colors are often used. For example, green and cold gray are used to show tranquility, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, etc; Red, orange, yellow and other warm colors indicate tonic, nutrition, excitement, etc; Black means toxic; Red and black color blocks indicate high toxicity, etc

⑤ textile carton: the hierarchical relationship of black, white and gray is commonly used, and the comparison is sought in the reconciliation; Women's textiles usually use bright and elegant colors

color is one of the important factors in packaging and decoration design. It depends on graphics, words and muscles, and plays an important role in packaging and decoration design. When people browse the goods on the shelves, the first thing they see is the color of the packaging. The color of key supporting components selected from similar products of international and domestic famous brands is not only related to the display effect of commodities, but also directly affects the purchase desire of consumers

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