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Stairs are the necessary passage connecting the upstairs and downstairs. Many people only pay attention to its functionality and ignore its geomantic omen when decorating. In terms of geomantic omen, stairs are where air is received and sent, so the location, shape and material design of stairs will affect the geomantic omen of the whole home. Next, Xiaobian will tell you what feng shui knowledge to pay attention to from the position, shape, type and other aspects of stairs

I. stair location

pay special attention to the location of the stairs. If the stairs are set in the center of the room, it will appear “ The guest usurps the host ”, Stairs are used to walk people up and down, which makes this place noisy and restless, not only wasting “ Acupoint eye ” This precious area, with “ Trample ” Disrespect means that it will not bring good luck to the owner of the house. Therefore, when designing stairs, good designers will try their best not to make the entrance of the stairs face the gate. There are three main methods that can be taken:

first, turn the stairs in one direction facing the top of the gate, for example, design the shape of the stairs into an arc, so that the entrance of the stairs reverses the direction and backs to the gate

second, hide the stairs, preferably behind the wall, and clamp the stairs with two walls, so that they are not only gone “ Cut off the gas field ” Worry, and multiply the owner's sense of security when going up and down the stairs. As for the space under the stairs, it can be designed as a storage room or toilet

third, a screen is placed between the gate and the stairs to make “ Qi ” Can follow the screen and enter the house. In addition to not facing the gate directly, another taboo about stairs in home feng shui is to set them in the center of the house. Because the center of the house is called “ Acupoint eye ”, Yes “ Qi ” Condensation point of. It is generally believed that this is the soul of the whole house and the most expensive place& ldquo; Acupoint eye ” This kind of traditional saying, precipitated so far, has become a Chinese aesthetic habit of taking the middle as the top, the middle, impartiality and so on

II. Types of stairs

there are generally three types of home stairs, one is spiral stairs, one is inclined stairs, and one is stairs with turning platforms halfway. Compared with inclined stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way, the first step of the stairs is located in the center of the house. If the platform at the end of the stairs is the center of the house, it is a fierce pattern




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