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Many netizens are decorating recently. They are worried about the wardrobe at home. Do they want to buy it or customize it? Is it solid wood or other materials? Well, Xiaobian thinks it's better to buy ready-made ones, which don't take time and effort. Xiaobian will recommend several models for you. How about them

[part1:korean rural wardrobe of about 1000 yuan]

Product Recommendation 1: modern life Korean rural wardrobe

price: 1480 yuan

brand: modern life

size: 1895*2120*1120mm

editor's recommendation: vertical lines, meticulous carving, clear lines, curved lines at the top, like the crown of a princess, the whole sweet princess style is distributed. In addition, it also has two drawers, which looks like a small wardrobe with good storage function

product recommendation 2: Korean pastoral three door wardrobe

price: 1680 yuan

brand: actually IKEA

size: 1525*620*2170mm

editor's recommendation: pure and flawless white, simple vertical lines, but it looks very comfortable without affectation. This is the simplest pastoral style, but it gives people a feeling that it is not simple. In addition, it has three doors, but there are drawers hidden inside

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