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In 2012, cabinets are still based on green environmental protection, high quality and high taste. Cabinet has been paid more and more attention as the most important part of home decoration, so what will be the end demand of cabinet this year? The following Jiuzheng Xiaobian combines the relevant needs of many owners to sort out the four popular keywords of cabinet decoration

key words 1: simplicity, European style, pure solid wood

the popular trend of cabinets in 2012 is divided into three categories according to the population: first, young people, because they are greatly affected by ideology and economy, young people generally pursue simple, fashionable and modern cabinets, and they will choose some simple and generous cabinets according to their comprehensive situation

second, middle and high-end consumers, who pay more attention to the quality of life and taste, coupled with strong economic ability, will choose some European and American cabinets according to the requirements of large house types

third, mahogany, pure solid wood and other cabinets will also be a trend in 2012

key word 2: new Chinese cabinets

with the improvement of living standards, citizens' awareness of environmental protection and their pursuit of quality will gradually improve. In 2011, cabinets are still based on green environmental protection, high quality and high taste. In terms of style, the new Chinese style cabinet will be a popular trend. This style of cabinet is carefully made of traditional Chinese elements combined with modern design techniques, and it is the inheritance and development of national cabinet culture

now solid wood is also a hot spot among citizens, which is also the result of people's pursuit of environmentally friendly cabinets. Among them, mahogany cabinet is a wonderful flower, but because the price is slightly more expensive, it is more suitable for medium and high-end consumers to choose

keyword 3: imported wood

since 2008, the sales of solid wood cabinets have increased particularly fast. In terms of the main materials of cabinets, it used to be northeast pine and Russian kojic willow, but in recent years, with the reduction of wood reserves in these places, the price has risen rapidly. Now American oak and Canadian and New Zealand pine account for an increasing market share. The price of wood in these regions is one third lower than that of Russian wood, but after being made into cabinets, the pattern and wood quality are not bad at all. Therefore, in the next three to five years, wood imported from the United States, Canada and New Zealand will account for a larger market share

key word 4: superimposed, hidden and other designs

now house prices are rising, and small and medium-sized households are more popular. When consumers choose cabinet products, they not only have personalized requirements for appearance, but also attach great importance to their functions. That is to say, we should realize more utilization value in limited space. Such as superposition, hiding and other designs will be popular. On the other hand, people now pay more attention to the quality of life. They not only require green and environmental protection in wood making, but also pursue nature, balance and harmony in design and color matching





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