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Many owners always traditionally think that buying materials and finding guerrillas for construction is the cheapest and cheapest way, but they often ignore the following key issues:

1. High material waste rate. The remaining 5% of plumbing fittings is normal, and the remaining 5% of ceramic tile floors is normal. After the remaining sand, cement and white powder are left, you can give them away. You have to pay a free transportation fee, and half a barrel of latex paint is completely wasted. Overall, the waste of materials is generally as high as 10%

2. The purchase price of materials is about 10% higher than that of decoration companies. No matter how much you buy, it also belongs to retail. Which material supplier does not leave a gross profit of 10%? No matter how little decoration companies buy, they will also buy from the source of the channel, which belongs to wholesale

3. Buying materials by yourself is a layman. It takes time and effort to rush around, send, supplement and return. You often buy materials that are shoddy and of high price and quality

4. Construction without design drawings is based on feeling, and the rework rate is high, and the final design effect is often a lifelong regret; Find the designer of the decoration company to secretly give you a picture, which is still patchwork. Because the designer will be caught by the company if he openly makes private orders, he doesn't need to risk being killed by the company for your hundreds of dollars

5. The labor cost of guerrilla workers is low, the process level is poor, the construction is brutal, and the construction site is dirty and messy. How can high-quality workers not enter regular companies? Workers may say that the decoration company has many rules and strict management! Dare you use a person who doesn't understand rules and disobeys management? Therefore, there are many hidden dangers in finding the road guerrillas. Without supervision, they do not understand the project acceptance, and the project quality cannot be guaranteed

6. It is illegal to hire guerrillas for construction. If a neighbor reports it, he will be punished by more than 1000 yuan; If workers have industrial injury or labor disputes during construction, even if there is a written agreement in advance, it is still useless. The owner needs to pay a huge amount of money, and the risk of employing people is very high. There are many such cases every year

7. If you ask relatives and friends for construction, you should always serve them with good cigarettes and wine. The quality is not good, but you are embarrassed to say that you have fallen into a debt of gratitude. Because there is a little problem, you found it. You told him, and he will talk 100% in his heart " Why is this person so busy? It's enough to say that spending such a little money has such high requirements! If you want good quality with money, go to a regular company& quot; As a result, many people are dumbfounded. Note: the essence of saving money after looking for guerrilla construction is that the owner sacrifices project quality, material quality, design effect, service, environmental protection and after-sales. The guerrillas are cheap mainly because of low labor costs, poor materials and Jerry built workmanship. If the guerrillas use the workers, materials and workmanship of brand companies, it is not cheap in essence. The promotion and group decoration activities carried out by the decoration company in some time will actually save you a lot of money





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