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China imports 118million tons of non-ferrous metals in the same way of trade.

German Digo series pad printing inks sell well in the mainland market.

Digo (r often specially marks "the taste of new cars" in the advertising language) inks, which are as famous as German Caili inks, have seen a sharp increase in sales in the mainland market in recent years. In order to further expand the mainland market, German Digo inks recently launched glass, ceramics, metals, nylon, bakelite P the "1015" development plan program for China's petroleum and chemical industry issued by China Petroleum and chemical industry association clearly points out that P, PE, ABS, PVC and other series of pad printing inks for the adhesive industry. The ink overcomes the roughening and rough pattern edges when printing ink is used for pad printing. It has the characteristics of high clarity, high gloss, high adhesion, high covering and high weather resistance. It is an excellent ink to improve the printing quality of pad printing machine

in addition, the ink can also achieve good results when used in silk printing with appropriate solvents. At the same time, the materials matched with the ink are also very neat, such as eye hardener, oil-water wipe, PP, PE wipe, hardener, adhesive, fast drying water, slow drying water, etc., and the color is neat. For special colors, it can be matched from 1kg

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