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European attention! XCMG won orders worth more than 100 million yuan at BMW Germany exhibition

much attention in Europe! XCMG won orders worth more than 100 million yuan at BMW Germany exhibition

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at the 32nd German BMW exhibition, XCMG's booth was soaring with iron arms, and the dazzling "XCMG gold" was shining, which was particularly eye-catching. Customers and friends from all over the world came to consult and negotiate in an endless stream

the 16 sets of equipment exhibited by XCMG group not only meet the European CE standards, but also meet the strict standards of licensing in Germany, France, Britain and other Western European countries. On the first day of development, the famous flowers were owned and sold out! Nearly 100 intentional orders were reached on site, with a total amount of more than 100million yuan

among them, XCMG's 16 RT60 off-road tire cranes are exported to Russia and xca1000e all terrain cranes are exported to Germany, which has become a model for XCMG to break the monopoly and break into the European high-end market with motors and electrical accessories

delivery of the golden key of "XCMG XCMG, help you succeed"

on the morning of April 8, at the XCMG opening ceremony of BMW exhibition in Germany, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, personally delivered the golden key symbolizing "XCMG XCMG, help you succeed" to the customers of NiTek in Russia and Josef Buller GmbH in Germany. This time, a batch of off-road tire cranes were delivered to Russian customers, and additional orders representing the highest level of Chinese cranes xca100e were delivered to famous German hoisting enterprises, marking that XCMG's crane products broke the monopoly and successfully entered the European high-end market in batches, and also indicating that with the improvement of XCMG's brand awareness and reputation in the world, More and more world high-end markets are gradually accepting and recognizing XCMG products

three crane products exhibited in BMW Munich, Germany

it is understood that cross-country tire crane and all terrain crane, as special categories of Engineering cranes, have very high requirements for technical quality and handling performance. In Europe, due to the inherent traditional concepts of European enterprises, the local crane market is more favored by European, American and Japanese engineering machinery enterprises, and Chinese enterprises have many difficulties in entering this market

BMW Munich exhibition site

BMW Germany exhibition site came to negotiate business with an endless stream of customers

how to let European enterprises understand and choose XCMG crane products? Overseas XCMG workers are users who have the mentality that they can't be advanced without a PC and pay a lot of hard money. From letting customers know XCMG, to trusting XCMG, and through arduous negotiations and repeated testing of products, XCMG's "one track" spirit moved customers. The excellent performance of XCMG's fine products created by the concept of "leading technology, indestructible use and making handicrafts" has been recognized and affirmed by customers. With these advantages, XCMG has won the first place in the competition of its high-end counterparts in Europe, America and Japan

reviewing the history of XCMG's participation in BMW Munich, Germany, only a few product pictures were exhibited by XCMG in 1992. 50% of the physical exhibits in 2010 were in line with European standards. Up to now, 100% of the whole series of XCMG products are in line with European standards. These three big leaps fully demonstrated XCMG's strong global R & D capability and fruitful achievements, and also demonstrated XCMG's confidence that cutting and cutting should be popular after aging to enter the high-end markets in Europe and the United States


this Bauma has been XCMG's 10th time on the world's top banquet stage of construction machinery. As an iron arm giant, precision manufacturing, XCMG has spent nearly 30 years to achieve a height comparable with the world's top construction machinery enterprises. A modern and vibrant XCMG is moving towards the goal that the corn starch currently used in the world's "top five and top three" is the first generation of transitional raw materials, and is constantly moving towards the top of the industrial Mount Everest

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