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German automotive plastics enterprises open up the Korean market

recently, the global chemical enterprises that got it wrong set off an upsurge of entering Korea, and flocked to Seoul and other capital circle regions. BASF Group, the world's largest automotive plastic product enterprise, will set up the "Asia Pacific electronic raw material R & D center" at sungkyunkuan University in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province in September to study the production technology of high-end raw materials such as semiconductors, displays and solar power generation raw materials. Kaimaiye, director of Research Department of BASF Group, said: technical parameters of zwj-0350 cantilever beam impact testing machine, digital impact testing machine and plastic impact testing machine: "at the beginning of this year, the system of songjingliang, chief engineer of Dongfeng Motor Technology Center/head of body department in research cooperation with 7 major Asian universities was built with Korea as the center". Merck group, a German chemical enterprise, is currently developing a comprehensive research park in Gyeonggi province

Celanese, an American chemical enterprise, recently established a "high-end technology R & D center" in Banqiao. The company was selected as one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises. After setting up its R & D center in China, it bypassed Japan to set up its second Asian R & D center in South Korea. The "electrical, electronic and lighting technology center" built by Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, a Saudi petrochemical enterprise, at chengjunguan University was also completed in March this year. The R & D centers established by these enterprises in Korea are mainly devoted to the development of electronics, chips, displays, battery raw materials and automotive plastic products

being adjacent to China, the world's largest petrochemical market, is a major advantage for South Korea to attract investment from international petrochemical giants. Last year, the global chemical materials market reached 3trillion euros, of which China accounted for nearly 31%. The strategy of these enterprises is to develop high-end materials in South Korea and apply them to the Chinese market at the same time, and then expand to other countries in Asia. It is also an advantage for the capital region of South Korea to have large-scale excellent research talents

petrochemical projects including PX have often become the focus of social controversy in China, but the Korean government still regards the chemical industry as an important means to boost the economy and increases investment attraction. The world's major petrochemical giants have flocked to South Korea recently. The advantages of high-tech talents and proximity to the Chinese market have become the main reasons for their investment in South Korea

according to South Korea's North Korea, Solvay group, one of the world's top ten chemical enterprises headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has decided to invest 120billion won (about 733million yuan) to build a 99000 square meter automobile plastic product production plant in South Korea by 2017

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