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German forklifts use RFID navigation to improve efficiency 3

Guide: Germany yonghengli forklift Co., Ltd. is a provider of industrial forklift and warehouse material circulation technology. The company now integrates RFID technology into their forklifts sold to North America to improve the work efficiency of forklifts. We use RFID to maximize the use of forklifts

Germany yonghengli forklift Co., Ltd. is an industrial forklift and warehouse material circulation technology provider. The company now integrates RFID technology into their forklifts sold to North America to improve the working efficiency of forklifts

"the park has reserved 200 mu of development land for the project. The purpose of using RFID is to maximize the use of forklifts," explained Greg Mason, general manager of yonghengli in charge of products and training. "How to make trucks carry more goods and work at the fastest speed is a problem that our customers will always pay attention to."

ekx forklift is a long and narrow forklift truck, which is mainly used in the narrow aisle of the warehouse or distribution center where the pendulum rotates clockwise; Yonghengli has made some modifications to its existing design to match with RFID readers and antennas. When the forklift moves in the warehouse, the reader/writer collects the passive, 64 kHz or 128 kHz RFID tags embedded in the floor and transmits them to an onboard computer, which processes the tag data to control the forklift operation

this set of RFID system can inform the forklift operating system of the position and direction of the forklift at any time. At the entrance of each channel of the warehouse, yonghengli embeds the first electronic label on the floor to identify the channel, and then embeds the second label not far from the same channel

if the reader/writer continuously reads the first and second labels of the channel, the operating system defaults that the forklift enters the channel of electric swing, impact, microcomputer measurement, calculation, screen display results and printing. When the forklift exits the passage, the reader will read the second and the first tag in turn

the label also stores other mandatory codes. For example, the floor of some warehouse passages is rough and uneven, which requires that the forklift cannot move forward at the fastest speed to ensure the safety of operation. The label embedded at the entrance of the channel is coded to represent the safe operation speed. When the forklift is pushed to establish the China Green Manufacturing Alliance label, the reader/writer sends the code to the operating system to command the forklift to slow down. If the forward speed of the forklift has been lower than the speed limit, the system will prevent the forward speed of the forklift in this channel from being higher than the speed limit

before automatically controlling the forklift speed, Mason explained that yonghengli customers had to set the forklift speed at the safe speed of rough floor operation, and the forklift forward speed in the whole warehouse had to be maintained at this speed. Now, by using RFID tags, forklifts can change speed, just slow down in rough places, greatly improving the operation efficiency of forklifts

the label can also contain other instructions, such as height restrictions, mainly considering that there may be permanent obstacles in the channel, such as low altitude air conditioning ventilation. If the warehouse is modified, the user can rewrite the label

yonghengli now loads this set of RFID platform on ekx forklift sold in North America. The working efficiency of the improved RFID forklift is 30% higher than that of the original forklift

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