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BMW Germany: Liugong's new series of products take root and blossom in Europe

BMW Germany: Liugong's new series of products take root and blossom in Europe

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, Dealers' representatives and important customers from nearly 40 countries were invited to visit the exhibition. This move shows Liugong's determination and confidence to enter the European market and marks a new milestone for Liugong to enter the European high-end market

at this exhibition, Liugong exhibited a total of 19 high-quality equipment. Among them, 6 E-Series excavators of 15~50 tons all meet the European four stage emission standard, and adopt more advanced full hydraulic system. The new series of loaders, skid steer loaders, graders, vehicle mounted aerial work platforms and other products were also exhibited on the same stage

European market is an important strategic market for Liugong. Users in this market not only pursue stable equipment, but also expect the full service to have a good man-machine interface, including 7 × 24-hour after-sales support and parts service. At present, in Europe, Liugong has 9 product lines to meet the needs of the local market and a 2400 square meter spare parts warehouse. Its products and services cover the entire European market

after Liugong acquired the Polish HSW construction machinery business in 2012, it obtained its global marketing network, covering 100 countries and regions. Liugong equipment has participated in construction all over the world, especially in many famous construction projects in Europe, and its brand influence has been continuously improved

in the UK, Liugong's new generation E-Series excavator clg936e and dresstadd15r bulldozer participated in the construction of Aberdeen Ring Road in Scotland; Clg922e, clg925e and other excavators participated in the construction of the nuclear power project in the southwest of the UK. Liugong equipment is increasingly appearing in central London, which has the most stringent emission requirements

in France, Liugong determined the first distributor divitmat in 2015, and its operation covers the northwest of France. The company cooperates with divimat and conducts large tonnage material mechanics experiments. In demolition, urban landfill and other engineering projects, the company builds Liugong brand and customers' awareness of products. The applicability of new excavators for such projects was demonstrated through a nationwide tour in France

in Bulgaria, where steel is not the best material scheme for passenger cars, Liugong dealers recently delivered a batch of Liugong 50t mining dump trucks, together with drestatd40 bulldozers, to operate in the second largest copper and gold mine in Europe

in Istanbul, Turkey, which spans Europe and Asia, Liugong excavators and loaders are participating in the construction of the Third Eurasian Continental Bridge

in 2016, Liugong will continue to promote the expansion of the European market, such as expanding markets in Belgium and Spain, strive to achieve lightweight expansion while maintaining high performance, achieve new breakthroughs in the European market, and become one of the most competitive engineering equipment manufacturers in Europe and all regions of the world

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