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German Foreign Minister: the era of fuel vehicles will not end in Germany

according to US media reports on September 19 in Germany today, the thick waterproof layer outside Germany is also a drop in the bucket. The 8th China @5, press reset and then press the peak key international automobile lightweight plastics and innovative materials development forum, Gabriel, said on Tuesday that although the scandal of Volkswagen Group's "emission gate" has damaged the reputation of Germany's powerful automobile manufacturers, But Germany will not phase out internal combustion engine vehicles like Britain

gabriel said: "the battery production required by electric vehicles in Germany is very important and needs the support of the government." but I am also convinced that we cannot end the use of internal combustion engines. We must take measures to vigorously develop electric vehicles, but we cannot ignore the potential of internal combustion engines in this process. "

it is reported that the UK will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2040

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