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German Borui non operators stop the startup operation s: Shanxi Hanying auto service starts environmental protection spray painting +30 minute flash spray new era

German Borris: Shanxi Hanying auto service starts environmental protection spray painting +30 minute flash spray new era


just in November, in the season with the worst air quality in the north, Shanxi Hanying auto service joined German Borui environmental protection rapid spray technology to come to Shanxi, A new era of environmental protection spray painting +30 minute flash spraying has been opened. As the pioneer of China's auto quick spray brand, German Boris is very well-known in the professional field of auto maintenance of body and paint in China. At present, one hundred franchise stores of Borys have spread all over the country. Due to the need to invest a lot of money in technology research and development, it has served more than 4million car owners in total, with a consumer satisfaction rate of more than 98%. It has created an industry legendary Chinese coating with a single store profit rate of more than 90% and a store success rate of more than 90%

Shanxi Hanying Automobile Service Co., Ltd. acted as an agent for Shanxi Borys technology to shine its sword on Shanxi's rapid injection market this time, and brought the latest 30 minute environmental protection rapid injection project. The flash spray project is the most perfect solution created by Borys based on the German imported spray repair equipment and technology and the perfect technician system to meet the needs of small scratches and small bumps, owners' rapid collection and efficient repair. Over the past 15 years, Boris has been focusing on the body and paint field through the formula. It has owned dozens of national patents. From the initial quick repair of more than 5 hours to the present 30 minute flash spray technology, Boris has brought the paint quick repair into the flash repair era. At the same time, this ultra fast spray equipment has greatly improved the core competitiveness of Boris stores in the same industry

difference between Borys and traditional painting: for all industries in China, the most important thing for all painting equipment in 2018 is to comply with environmental protection! Boris equipment fully meets the requirements of environmental protection equipment and has won the only corresponding national environmental protection award in the industry. Environmental protection strictly manages the equipment in the paint baking room. Many first and second tier cities have to secretly construct paint at night. The Boris equipment does not need to wait for drying in the barn, and the equipment realizes the spraying, drying and walking of repair vehicles. Boris spray painting does not need traditional gas cylinders, but also strictly controls the air pressure. Boris equipment is only a dozen kilograms light. In many places, Boris agents put the equipment on service vehicles to realize the door-to-door spray painting service. The nozzle of the equipment is operated in a fool's way, which is simpler than the traditional operation. It doesn't matter if you don't spray paint, and it won't form liquid flow due to uneven spraying. The paint sprayed by Boris spray gun is more delicate. When spraying, it automatically heats the car paint, thus realizing the effect of quick drying of the paint surface. Even standing next to the spray paint vehicle, there is no pungent volatilization of traditional spray paint, which greatly reduces the harm to the health of practitioners! Let's compare the so-called UV paint and UV baking lamp in the market to achieve quick drying of paint. Boris is scientific and functional from the equipment, and the harm of UV paint and UV baking lamp to the user's body is immeasurable

taking the sensor of S-type experimental machine as an example, the 30 minute ultra fast spray not only brings consumers the ultimate experience in speed, but also provides "original quality, lifelong warranty" services for owners and agents. In order to enable the majority of car owners to enjoy the dual guarantee of speed and quality, borus uses the rapid paint spraying equipment developed in Germany and the automobile repair equipment designated by more than 40% of the top 100 automobile dealer groups in China

2018, Boris ushered in its first 15 years. With national excellent technology, Borys actively integrates with the world and introduces foreign advanced technology, processes and products. Boris' goal is to integrate the best flash spray service mode, the most advanced technology and the best products in the world to provide first-class services for car owners

in terms of technology, process, products, equipment, etc., Burris can be said to be unique in the industry. In terms of talent training, Burris has long-term cooperation with the technical college. For example, the comprehensive technician training integrated with spraying and patching, through the 4-week training, the technicians can quickly master the painting technology, shorten the skills that originally took oneortwo years to master to within 4 weeks, and greatly improve the talent training efficiency. Through the technician service quality assurance, the performance of the trained stores has been significantly improved. Shanxi Hanying Automobile Service Co., Ltd. hopes to bring better performance to its stores through its strong training ability, solve practical talent training problems for the society, and promote the development of the entire Taiyuan automobile aftermarket

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