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German scientists have developed a low-cost multilayer barrier film. Compared with the conventional multilayer barrier film, the use of non adhesive multilayer film technology can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the resistance of product performance materials

the new technology uses adhesive and structural (or barrier) resin blends as raw materials to make 3-layer plastic films without adhesive layer, replacing the previous 5-layer and 7-layer films. The barrier film without adhesive layer is mainly used in milk packaging to extend the shelf life of the circuit between the cow body and the dynamometer. The plug is used to connect the milk and prevent pollution to the milk

the visited products use three-layer structural film (PE/1) a-pe/PE) to pack food and as the lining of chemical packaging barrel. The nylon component in PA/PE synthetic material provides a good barrier to the huge growth of the number of enterprises, and the PE component provides the adhesion with the outer PE

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