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Mr. Ge Xiaodeng, President of German bileshi and Shandong enterprises, recently established a packaging production line in Chiping County, Shandong Province. In the future, there will be more factories in Xinfa density to establish a solid test of board industry, so he needs to open it here to convert it into a new one. He has visited nengtong, Guochen and other density board production enterprises, and has cooperated with Chiping Dignitaries from 23 density board manufacturing enterprises conducted technical exchanges and business negotiations on materials that can be molded under static load, and reached a consensus on the construction of full-automatic density board and packaging production lines in Chiping. The picture shows Mr. grayden discussing the plan of building a production line with the person in charge of the park. (shikuihua Photo Report)

Sheng plans to replace 160000 tons of imported products with synthetic resin in 2018. Ming:

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