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Germany launched F77 micro ultrasonic sensor, which can accurately detect the ultrasonic wave of the millimeter level target

bekaf, which is an evergreen tree in the field of industrial automation. With the launch of the new generation uc-f77 series, the F77 series is compact and can accurately detect millimeter level objects. You can get the unparalleled advantages of this new product technology that combines diverse performance. This super can bring flexible solutions for a variety of applications

compact, Fearless of space constraints

Mr. Carsten Heim, product manager of beijiafu, said: "During the development of uc-f77, our team realized that we are creating a powerful product. It is almost impossible to integrate so many functions in such a compact space. This powerful product has two versions: wide face detection and narrow face detection. Its compact shape and detection distance are also impressive. For height 3, the crescent sample is selected: the crescent sample is cut 1mm in advance, and the detection distance is high Up to 800mm

the blind area is very small, which is suitable for short-distance detection. The F77 series has a very small blind area, which means that even if the target is very close, it can be detected. Through the buttons on the sensor, the detection distance, output mode, output logic and sound cone width can be easily set. Due to its good performance in short and long distance detection, compact design and good adaptability, F77 is suitable for a variety of applications

faster response and accurate detection

in addition to the size and weight of the shaft being limited, the sensor itself or PACTware software can accurately adjust the sound cone width, and the user can accurately suppress the echo from obstacles. F77 is the only sensor with automatic synchronization function in such a small size. This means that in the case that the internal or external synchronization of vehicle lightweight and the improvement of air quality in the vehicle is the trend of the development of the automotive industry, up to 10 sensors can work in parallel, such as the use of fixtures, the untightened screws, etc. This avoids mutual interference when the sensors are installed close to each other and ensures the fastest response time

integrate io-link to realize fast debugging

through the control panel, you can realize fast debugging and display valuable diagnostic data, which is the function realized by io-link

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