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Berlin, June 28, 2011 the Sixth China Germany economic and Technological Cooperation Forum opened in Berlin today. Among the topics of the meeting between China and Germany, renewable energy has attracted much attention. Now there is another good news for renewable energy enterprises. The National Renaissance Credit Bank of Germany has just launched a loan financing project of 5billion euros away from and unnecessary to sample onshore wind power, which is intended to help investors promote the development of renewable energy. It is not only German enterprises that benefit, but also Chinese enterprises that are non-profit organizations and associations

Germany is the largest wind energy market in Europe. Germany has 31% of the installed capacity in Europe. In 2010, the installed capacity reached 27GW. 6.2% of electricity consumption is produced by wind energy. At present, (3) the sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. The offshore wind capacity of Germany is about 200MW. Many new offshore wind parks have been approved or are under planning. The German government plans to expand the offshore wind capacity to 10GW by 2020 and 25gw by 2020

some Chinese enterprises have entered the German wind energy market. For example, sinoi has built a wind energy blade manufacturing plant in Turing. Regarding this, Le ainan, a wind energy expert from the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, commented that: moreover, international manufacturers and suppliers in the field of wind energy are paying attention to Germany. Whether it is R & D or installation and maintenance, Germany's expertise in the industry covers the whole process. It is a good time for Chinese enterprises to invest here

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