Rhine egger 7 bedroom storage creates a beautiful

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The embedded storage design can save space and take into account the overall beauty. Pay attention to the size in the customization process. After meeting the ample storage length, choose the desired customized products according to your own interior decoration style

design highlights: embedded storage design

embedded storage design can save space and take into account the overall beauty. In the process of customization, we should pay attention to the size. The depth of the cabinet should be at least 60 cm. After meeting the ample storage length, we should choose the desired customized products according to our own indoor decoration style

design highlights: open Wardrobe Storage Design

the design of multi-functional area, the neat layout will distinguish clothes in detail, which is convenient to find. Enough space and powerful storage function. The design of clothes hanger can not only store clothes, but also reduce the messy feeling of space, which is more convenient for sorting

design highlights: Glass wardrobe door design

the wardrobe adopts a glass sliding door design, which makes the space look larger and keeps the interior of the wardrobe cleaner. Properly matched with the storage box, it can give people a neat and comfortable feeling

design highlights: storage design under the bed

the space under the bed cannot be wasted, and the customized bed cabinet perfectly solves the problem of insufficient storage space. Putting unused large clothes in and making rational use of the space under the bed is also a way of bedroom storage design

design highlights: Drawer Bed storage design

in addition to the storage cabinet you have added, you can of course choose a bed with drawers at the bottom, which can not only store seasonal clothes, but also a very good choice to put seasonal clothes due to its convenient location

design highlights: background storage wall design

the whole wall at the original headboard position is made into a background wall, which can be used for storage or decoration

design highlights: Classic wardrobe design

classic wardrobe design fits the room structure and has a large storage space. The exquisite sliding door, neat and practical, can also add decorative style to the bedroom

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